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Unparalleled Care For Student Athletes

At Tampa Bay Sports Medicine and Performance, we are passionate about the health and wellness of athletes of all ages. As the team physician for Wharton High School and Wiregrass Ranch High School, Dr. Pescasio has first-hand experience caring for the young athletes of our community and recognize the need for more robust physician-trainer communication. With this need in mind, she (alongside our sports medicine peers at Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel) is investing in athletic trainers who will work with our local athletes. This unique collaboration between Florida Hospital and these athletic trainers will ensure that our student athletes have access to the best facilities, physicians and treatments available, bar none!

Athletic trainers will be made available to all Pasco County high schools, plus Wharton High School and Academy at the Lakes. To learn more about the sports medicine services offered at Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel, please click here. To make an appointment for your young athlete with Dr. Pescasio, please submit an appointment request here, or call us at 813.929.5350.